If you’re like me and have a crazy high metabolism, you’d know that there are times when you just don’t feel strong. One moment, you have all the energy in the world and are moving at a rapid pace, and the next, you feel like sitting down. Sometimes even lying down. That moment when you’re…Read more Strong-th?

BB3 – Blow pops in Lekki

Continuing on with info on my life as an expatriate, this is the third installment of my sojourns. This post is intriguing enough for the traveler in you, or for those who know how life in Nigeria is. Either way, you'll learn and laugh. To catch up on the other blogbacks (BBs) you've missed, check…Read more BB3 – Blow pops in Lekki

Meaningful messes

I have loved art for a long time. I’m not able to recall for how long because…well, I don’t tend to recall such details. Story of my life. #truetalk. But yea, I have been a true lover of different art forms for a while now. Art is one of the rarest things that can cause…Read more Meaningful messes

How to cause fiery change

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” ― Catherine of Siena

The love of food is the root of…

Foodies. Today we’re here to talk about foodies. I’m intimately acquainted with a number of them, so I reckon I can speak somewhat authoritatively about the condition. Yes, condition.   But first, let’s define the word. [F • oo • dee]. A foodie is one who absolutely loves food of various kinds, will immediately break into a…Read more The love of food is the root of…

The Almighty knowledge

When you think of “God”, what floods your mind? For some, images of a wrathful, vengeful huge huge being immediately come to the fore. Others picture a loving grandpa figure with a long white beard à la Santa. And then, there are yet others with images that fit anywhere in the spectrum between these two.  …Read more The Almighty knowledge