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Curious to know who’s behind the curtain?

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Hey guys! I’m Uche, muser, proud homebody (cash me inside), writer, goofball, mentor, girlfriend, wifey and mummy. I know you’re thinking that perhaps the last two descriptors formed the homebody bit, right? I think they contributed, but no, I need to get out more. Seriously.

You wanna know how you got here and why, right?

I was born on a sunny day (I think; or wish), the second of five and by far the wisest. Don’t bother asking them – just take my word for it. Given alllll that wisdom, I tried my hand one day at blogging. That was at a time when I was going through my own adventure as an expatriate. I enjoyed it, but the blogging adventure didn’t last. I blame Uche past.

Just, I blame her.

Anyway, to actually answer your question, if you’re like me, the idea of sitting around in a café, chatting with friends and strangers alike about things existential in nature is not only ok, it’s welcomed! Having grown up in Europe, in the Netherlands specifically, I find that I’m fully functional in such a setting. The “extra” part of me that goes further is that I tend to move beyond just speaking about such things in a theoretical manner to engaging in the more practical realms. I attempt to do just that here in this blog. It is focused on “intentional truthful living”. Here you’ll find me digging around, weighing what’s true (facts) against the Truth, and trying to arrive at something that works for the everyday life. If in any way you’re like me, this blog is just for you!

I’m a communicator both by nature and training, but I have even more enjoyed engaging in super deep conversations with people of all backgrounds for the entirety of my life so far. Given that we’re all into technology (riiight??), I came on here to engage with more of such people – with you! I’m in no way the fount of all wisdom (just some. Remember what I said above?), but I come on here to share life with my world. I discuss things I’ve learned through mental wrestling, but I also enjoy the process of engaging with others to figure this life out. What does truth look like? Can it stand on its own? What can we do with it? How does it fit with everyday life? Such questions/issues as well as other life experiences (e.g. my parenting escapades) are enough to fill your minds and hearts with….gooey goop. At the very least.

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So dig in. Enter into my blog and wade. I trust you’ll enjoy it.

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Come. Explore life with me. 🙂