A cause-less generation?

If you’re any bit like me, you wonder why it appears that everyone is hyper sensitive about things nowadays. Why they seem easily angered, and why it seems there’s a constant need to protest something. Anything. Now, unlike, say, in the 70s, they’re not about to legitimately protest things like war, but you’re likely to…Read more A cause-less generation?

What’s DAD got to do with it?

So, Father’s Day 2017 just took place, and a few noted friends commented on the lack of equality in how it is usually celebrated compared to Mother’s Day. Just one of such comments got me thinking. I indeed realized that for Father’s Day, the stores only devoted a fraction of their shelving to such greeting…Read more What’s DAD got to do with it?

This side of heaven

I know there’s a heaven, I long to get there. But before I end up there, I figure There must be glimpses of it I can enjoy here. Not sure what I mean? Here, experience a little bit of heaven on earth with me: // A well-made tres leches dessert, discovery, fluffy bunnies, newborn butt…Read more This side of heaven

Insecure lovers

This post might be a short one. Just a heads up. So, you’re either thinking: “yaaay! I’ll read this quickly then and be on my way” or “man! Why????? I always looove her posts”. I sure hope you’re of the latter category – or I’ll have to reach through this computer and…and…I don’t have a…Read more Insecure lovers