Doing it supernaturally

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved babies. They're super cute, tiny, sweet, etc. I’ve also always wanted one or two, but as a kid, when I started hearing about what it took to “get” them out into the world, I promptly considered that, when I grew up, adoption would be the only way to…Read more Doing it supernaturally

Have you called it into being?

When I look at my life Taking into account the circumstances and relationships that aren’t up to par The things I wish were different, better, more admirable, I feel sad.   Then I consider His Words. The promises He’s made to me and mine About how He actually sees things, and how He plans to…Read more Have you called it into being?

On dealing with fear

Only one thing need be done...  

Mummy dearest

Were any of you like me? You always thought that your mother was a bit crazy, over dramatic, and couldn’t possibly be right all those times (no reference to this movie, by the way). I wasn’t an out there rebellious child, but I definitely had my moments as a teenager, I tell you. That said,…Read more Mummy dearest

Reaching for a presidential president

So just last night, the country seemed to be waiting for what was to be President Trump’s first address – to Congress. It felt like everyone was watching, half-expecting (or perhaps two-thirds expecting!) for him to mess up. It would’ve at the very least made for great television. Then it began. I watched it, unsure…Read more Reaching for a presidential president