The Fight for Identity

It’s been a while from me, hasn’t it? Well, I’ve been pondering a lot lately with the current climate. And there is a lot to think about. From a pandemic to politics to racism to the MeToo movement and how it plays out, it is a lot. I’ve therefore thought a lot both about both…Read more The Fight for Identity

Relearning civility

For the last few weeks, the pastor at our church (let's call him M, shall we?) has been talking about topics that “no one wants to touch from the pulpit”. In short, he decided to take each week to speak on hot-button issues – at least the ones plaguing our day. He went from immigration…Read more Relearning civility

The intolerance of tolerance

Nowadays, the big thing in the US (as it was in Europe when I lived there years ago) is tolerance. It is the current zeitgeist. On the surface, there seems nothing wrong with it. After all, the idea is that we should be open to people who are other than us, accept them, be loving…Read more The intolerance of tolerance

Reaching for a presidential president

So just last night, the country seemed to be waiting for what was to be President Trump’s first address – to Congress. It felt like everyone was watching, half-expecting (or perhaps two-thirds expecting!) for him to mess up. It would’ve at the very least made for great television. Then it began. I watched it, unsure…Read more Reaching for a presidential president

The (2016) American Revolution

No, not that one. I’m talking about the most recent one, the one that we’re all currently living through. Donald J. Trump was just elected president by an amazing majority that have now been dubbed “the silent majority”. Since that moment that stunned everyone, from the layman to the pundits, the reaction has been extraordinary.…Read more The (2016) American Revolution