What a year, right? A TON has happened, and I cannot actually believe we’re in the last quarter of the year already. Not only did the year literally fly by, but it was loaded with …life. Life happened in full this year.

In all the fear, riots, sickness, job losses, isolation, threats of sickness, lack of freedom, confusion, deaths (incl high profile unexpected ones), business destruction, and ultimately, reset, it has been a year that has turned our heads. It has forced each of us to sit on our sofas, look in the mirror, and think. And re-think. In my opinion, one of the greatest things that has happened to every human on the planet in some way in this year is that we’ve all experienced a humbling. The year has hammered each person differently, but hammered it has.

Humbling does not equal humility, nor does it always lead there. But it sure can. The year is not out and we may have no strong sense of what next is to come but for sure, we have before us enough to work with. I feel certain that each person has lost or knows someone who has lost someone this year. I’ve lost some personally, yes. Above all, I’ve been astounded the number of sudden deaths and suicides that have taken place among young adults this year. People in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. It is absolutely crazy. Like I said, these are humbling and sobering times.

When one has been humbled, there are different responses one can have. A person can simply ride it out, waiting for a change in circumstances that will allow him/her to return to life as usual. Another sees the situation as a cause for self-improvement. They self-reflect and find in themselves a need for change and go for it. The latter is of course the more desirable of the two. Is that your and my response though? We can acknowledge mentally that that’s the best course of action, yet still not actually live it out.

Like I said, the year isn’t over, but sooo much has taken place. My hope is that we take the opportunity to orient ourselves properly afresh. For some, it may be their first time. For others, this may simply serve as a reminder. Either way, do not lose the chance to become and remain humble because, guess what? For the humble, the only way is up. You already know the phrase: “Pride goes before a fall.” You may know this other one, and it’s straight from the Bible: “He gives grace to the humble.” “He” here refers to God. So, there are people who have a humble heart (note that we cannot always perfectly discern a person’s heart state simply by reading their lives/actions/what we can see), and they are able to see themselves as they really are: broken or whatever. To those, God actually adds grace. He gives them the empowerment to do right and to live as they ought to in His sight. For others, convinced of their own rightness, He can do nothing to help them. And as such, as I stated, the only way then is down.

That would be nothing short of an absolute tragedy. I fully believe that life on the planet was intended for each person’s growth. Stagnation is not an option – or a good one at least. Friends, readers, we need to be on the up and up. Always. Go for the path of grace.

Let’s round 2020 up with true growth! Appreciate the time you took to read this. 😊 Comment below.

©2020, WriTEswAY

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