God is brilliant!

So, before I was ever pregnant, I recall that people who were would complain about wanting the baby out already, being tired of pregnancy, etc. I couldn’t understand. How bad could it be? And indeed, because it was granted to me to have an easy pregnancy, this mentality of mine stayed awhile. I just didn’t…Read more God is brilliant!

Suffering honorably

So, I got to watch a YouTube video by Bob Sorge, entitled: God Could’ve Left Job Alone, and let me tell you, that left a major imprint on me. Let me see if I do justice as to the "why" of it. When I first heard the title, I had an impression of what the…Read more Suffering honorably

Could I survive in a monastery?

We’re going through a series at church based on Peter Scazzero’s book: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, and the biggest stumper for me is about being able to sit still before God. I'm talking about the ability to contemplate in stillness and silence. I never thought myself bad at this but trust me, after a week or two…Read more Could I survive in a monastery?