We’re going through a series at church based on Peter Scazzero’s bookEmotionally Healthy Spirituality, and the biggest stumper for me is about being able to sit still before God. I’m talking about the ability to contemplate in stillness and silence. I never thought myself bad at this but trust me, after a week or two of trying to practice this (and failing woefully!), I’ve come to realize I need help. So what exactly is wrong with me?

Chatting with a friend, she shared that that’s a problem she has too and which she thinks is a symptom of our time. People have mostly lost the ability to be still because of the overwhelming amount of distractions bombarding us. That was from her. Hmmm, I thought. Is that really true for me? But then, it really didn’t take much introspection for me to realize that that’s my story too. How in the world do people even clear their mind to meditate? I’m trying to be a Mary, sitting quietly at His feet, and only find that for all intents and purposes, in my mind I’m Martha. Full-grown Martha, at that!

Who will deliver me? What’s the key to shutting off the to-dos that pop up on the computer of my mind? Even after I’ve put away the phone and am free of those notifications, my mind has its own set. So what’s the secret? How do I get free?

Well, this is my current state, folks. A thinker, seeking to… think less, when it matters. Feel free to pipe in with ideas or anecdotes of what works for you.




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