Meal-planning help?

I happen to love these guys and have always needed help with meal-planning. You too? Check it out!

Blogback (BB2)

My tales of life in Nigeria as a Nigerian expatriate continues... I'm back! Did you miss me? Naturally....I expected you to. Well, while my original intent was to continue in backtracking mode today, I'm heavily driven to first inform you about some goings-on today. While out to deposit money in a newly-opened bank account, I…Read more Blogback (BB2)

Raising a toddler, pt. 2

Where do I begin? Ok, I’ll start by complaining, then end on a more positive note. First, it cannot possibly be this hard, can it? I mean, surely not. Surely there must be a way to calm a toddler down, much like we swaddle newborns to calm them. I mean, do you mean to tell…Read more Raising a toddler, pt. 2

Begging your pardon…

Driving down the streets of this city, there are so many corners where I find people holding up cardboard signs with roughly scribbled down summaries of their predicaments, as well as their blessings on those willing to donate to their cause. When I first moved to this city years ago, such sights were so rare…Read more Begging your pardon…