Where do I begin? Ok, I’ll start by complaining, then end on a more positive note.

First, it cannot possibly be this hard, can it? I mean, surely not. Surely there must be a way to calm a toddler down, much like we swaddle newborns to calm them. I mean, do you mean to tell me that nothing has been invented? Nothing to do about all that energy but divert it, and channel it? Also, how come it can never be channeled from kiddos to parents and we’re instead left looking and feeling uber drained whereas they are just starting? Who ever knew that the energizer bunny adverts were not really a joke, but more a metaphor? An illustration of the real deal?

Secondly, surely there must be a way that we can leave the room for one minute and be sure things will still be in tact when we return. I mean, ever heard of bathroom breaks? That one minute that a mum can have to herself? Nope. This time, toddler accompanies her everywhere, or else…finds something to disrupt while mum is away. I’m simply telling my story, folks. This isn’t a funky, somewhat funny story I read online somewhere. This is literally the #SOML. Sigh. If I leave her juuuust for a moment so I can dash across to get something, I find myself still talking loudly to her, hoping that that “conversation” may help distract her from truly getting down! What do I mean by getting down? I have in the recent past returned to the living room to find my coffee table books fully opened, ruffled through, some pages even a bit bent (hey, I like my room as is and don’t wanna move everything! Don’t judge. Lol), the DVDs all pulled off the shelves (seriously, there’s no other place I can move them to!), blankets thrown across the floor (literally the least of my worries), and who knows what else. Do you know that I myself never knew that a day would come for me when seeing her toys all over the place would no longer count as messy or a big deal? And yet, here we are. There happen to be other things at stake.


And this is what we know as a good kid. Uber curious, but an otherwise obedient, easygoing kiddo who I/we adore. Yet, the struggle is real. A toddler is a toddler. I told the hubs that it is hard to believe that we’re still at the starting bit of toddlerhood. I mean, she’s not two, or two and half, but 15 months! So we need to brace and pace ourselves. In saying that, I’m speaking mainly to myself. My husband’s personality seems extremely good for this kind of chaos – although I’ve thoroughly (and privately) enjoyed seeing his genuine shock at the occasional surprises she throws at him! In any case, he’s more able to handle all this change, crazy behavior, tantrums, etc. It’s like he was built for it. Me? Not so much. The super organized planner that I am, all these whatsits throw me each time. I’m developing a thick skin by now, but I’m for sure not there yet.

On to the positive. I mean, I can’t stand there moaning the whole time, right? Actually, I can. And it’s actually quite fun. Maybe I find it therapeutic to vent a little, but on the whole, what good does it do you? Plus, the last thing I want to do is turn some folks completely off the idea of having kids. So, I say, let’s hear some positives!

For me, I think one thing that makes me smile when I walk in and see the large levels of disorder that has been created by one little human is the pure innocence on her face. There’s a look of wonder, a constant curiosity that even lends to her wondering why I may be upset. She has more often than I’m comfortable with given me that puzzled look that one can imagine a dog doing (with tilted head). When I try to turn it into a life lesson, to explain why such and such thing shouldn’t be touched, or gosh, put in her mouth, or her eyes, that face asks me questions that she doesn’t have words for. “But why ever not? It’s right there. How else will I learn about my world? And why are you being upset anyway? Don’t you like to learn?” And on and on. 🙂 Aww, bless.

I definitely love that she’s an explorer. There is something to seeing a child view with great interest things you otherwise consider normal, ordinary, mundane even. It makes you feel young again, when you try and look at the world through their eyes. All of a sudden, everything seems to become new again. That’s what a toddler can do for you. I love getting down to her level and staring at whatever it is she’s staring at. I like to try to imagine what it is like for her to look at that object as though I myself had never seen it before. I dunno, it sure makes my abode seem way more interesting to me than it is. And I love it!

Frustrating though it sometimes is, I kinda like that she easily forgets things. It plays out in my favor when I scold her, she gets upset, but moments later is giggling and kissing me. It’s like a brand new day for her. I’ll tell you what that does to my heart: explodes it! I find myself daily wanting to be that kind, that loving, that easily forgiving. Yes, it is true. We need to be like children more.

I do think that might be the secret to eternal youth.

©2017, WriTEswAY

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