"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born, and the day we discover why."  - William Barclay  

Pass me some change

Some people like me are rather change averse. There’s a part of us internally that actually makes a loud screech when change appears to be on the horizon. Even if it’s a good one! That’s the part that makes it weird. Then I’ve met other human beings for whom change itself is a source of…Read more Pass me some change

Raising a toddler, pt. 1

So I’m very new in this journey, y’all. But I tell you, dealing with the changes that take place in the moods of a 13-month-old can be challenging. And that’s probably the nicest way that can be put.   I have always had a pretty easygoing kiddo who smiles all the time, is very playful…Read more Raising a toddler, pt. 1

Same old, same old?

It’s just about that time when everyone is still hyped and committed to their new year’s resolutions. I am one of those everyones. But there are times when a nagging thought comes to me: when will the excitement wane? Just when in the calendar is that tipping point during which discipline gives way to laziness…Read more Same old, same old?