So I’m very new in this journey, y’all. But I tell you, dealing with the changes that take place in the moods of a 13-month-old can be challenging. And that’s probably the nicest way that can be put.


I have always had a pretty easygoing kiddo who smiles all the time, is very playful and giggly, an explorer, a good eater. As she crossed into toddlerhood (or teenage babyhood, as I call it), I have often experienced less of the “smiles all the time” bit, and seen a much less bueno eater. Grrr! It has taken everything in me many times not to lose my cool.

In those moments, I have tried the singing to her, playing games with her while feeding, “threatening” her (golly!), and even distracting her, and for this pooped momma, when none of those works and I feel like my bag of tricks is totally empty, I literally feel like a gasket is about to be blown inside of me. What ELSE can I do to get you to have nutrients inside of you, child??


What I have discovered is that in those times, it is best not to feed her while being hungry myself. That had been my modus operandi for a while now, before my gaining this revelation. The mummy instinct in me sometimes meant that, in trying to put my daughter’s needs before my own, I ended up a cranky woman. I’d usually want to make sure she’s well fed, which made me feel happy on the inside, because when I knew she was ok, I could then settle down to a good meal myself. Rubbish. What ends up happening is that feeding times with her are dragged out (simply trying to get her to open her mouth to ingest a spoonful, or trying to get her to keep the food in her mouth and not decidedly spit it out), and in the end, I’m just a frustrated and hangry person. Hanger is not good. Avoid it. Eat.

Speaking with a friend, I learned a trick from her. She eats while feeding her kid. I never liked that idea before, since I don’t feel like I fully enjoy my own meal unless I’m paying 100% attention to it, but, I mean, these are desperate times. I’m due for a reset on those old pre-mum habits. Gone are the days. For now, if I’m going to have sustenance and enjoy a little bit more patience while getting through teenage baby’s feeding, I need to try this.

For any parent out there with a toddler and who just, I dunno, gets this, have you any more ideas? Solutions? Tips?


What have you tried? What worked? Help a sister out!



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