It’s just about that time when everyone is still hyped and committed to their new year’s resolutions. I am one of those everyones. But there are times when a nagging thought comes to me: when will the excitement wane? Just when in the calendar is that tipping point during which discipline gives way to laziness and the old default?

As I consider that, I realize that for some reason I want THIS year to be different. I find myself a little extra determined to grow some discipline this year. I have tried to understand why. Is it a factor of getting older? Is it just the stage of life (maturity) that I am in? Well, I think it might be those and more. I think I’m simply tired of excusing the old me, blaming everything else for why the core me hasn’t changed. For why I still haven’t formed those core disciplines that I’ve always wanted and have forever admired in others. Still, I however feel like underneath it all is the fact that I feel the “burden” of a high calling on my life. I feel that I am supposed to produce, become, give back, to and for my world, my generation. I’ve been called to more and I simply cannot use the old wineskin anymore. It’s outdated. It lacks the constitution to handle the new wine coming in.


I bet a good number of you feel just like this. Like, it truly is about time you made those major changes, made that career switch, pursued your actual purpose, got that certification, committed to that partner, and so on. The truth is, there’s no better time. But, the other truth is, we cannot do it in our own strength. I definitely win the award for – New Year’s res failures – , but it doesn’t have to be my lifetime achievement award. It is not going to be my tale. And I’m leaning on One Person big time this year to get me through these dreams.


He is the One who will help me ensure that they go beyond the realm of wish list to …new lifestyle.


©2017, WriTEswAY

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