I’m writing as I mentally prepare for yet another Christmas party that I’m off to tonight. But first, I feel as though you’ll benefit from some context here. Christmas happens to be my most favorite time of the year, and…I’m a friendly introvert. Why are those two bits of info relevant? I don’t know. I just felt like opening up to someone.


But first, more on what a friendly introvert means (because it otherwise sounds like “the friendly giant”, or some such). Basically, people imagine introverts to be nerd-types who just love nothing better than to be home and read books. Above all, they’re understood to be painfully shy. Umm, not so. I’m very friendly with people such that I’m easily mistaken to be an extrovert. Umm, not so. I am definitely NOT an extrovert. Too much time with people (and I mean, like more than three hours) and I’m drained. Worn out. Needing a reset button. The solution? Going back to my cave and finding myself. Hence, I draw strength quite easily from being alone.


I mean it. Lock me in a house (ok, no, don’t actually lock me. Shutting the door will suffice) and I can occupy myself COMPLETELY for three days! I’ll come out joyful! Rejuvenated! Alive! Trust me, as a mum, that idea almost brings tears to my eyes. It’s a wish. It’s my picture of holiday postcards. There should be a meme of it for me. But it’s the truth.


Back to Christmas. I love Christmas and it never comes soon enough each year. Seems like I wait sooo long for it, then it tip toes in, peeks in, and runs right through. Gone! One thing about it though are the heaps of parties that are formed as a result. People just come up with reasons to get together and I love it. Sometimes, I love it so much that I have to turn down invites. That happens to be the point when oversaturation has occurred, I’m wary of being Christmased-out before my time, and I’m missing the “me”.


So, I’ve decided to create a survival guide for getting through such. Because it’s Christmas, and with all the merry music and good feelings, I’ve “realized” I love people way more than before. Resulting in this. Here we go.


How to survive Christmas and its parties? My five-step guide to keeping sane through the holiday:

  • Say no to some and yes to some parties (ALWAYS say yes to wassail gatherings. You’ll thank me later).
  • While at a party, talk about the events of the entire year with one or two people max. That’ll make the time pass well.
  • Smile like crazy throughout!
  • Wear a crazy Christmas sweater, hat, or headband. Or all three! Guaranteed to get you feeling jolly despite any nagging inner non-jollyness.
  • Have Netflix (or your fave book/social media outlet) already ready to go the minute you leave the party.


With these steps, you can be sure to make it through Christmas any year, any time. Money-back guarantee.


Hug a reindeer!

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