Umm, baby yoga?

Sooo the other day, I was on social media when I ran across a video clip that showed these toddlers in a class where they were engaging in yoga. You heard me. Not aerobics. Not athletics. Not ballet….YOGA. Ok, I’m not that out of touch, am I? Sure, I know of prenatal yoga. I’ve heard…Read more Umm, baby yoga?

Grotesquely familiar…

Hmm, shall we continue? Last time, I discussed the prevalence of fear and monstrosity in movies and shows geared towards young minds. When I noticed this, I started to wonder if anyone else thinks a bit more critically on such issues as these. If I were honest, I’d say that as a society, we worship entertainment…Read more Grotesquely familiar…

Increasing familiarity with the grotesque

Guys, I had an awesome childhood. Not perfect, mind you, but full of sheer awesomeness. We played tonnes of games outside and formed many longtime friendships in those early years. I actually don’t recall television being a key part of our lives in those times, since we spent the majority of our time playing games…Read more Increasing familiarity with the grotesque

The art of mothering – Pt. 1

Hmmm, so having officially been a mum for a few months now, it’s time to reflect on what all I may have learned in the time. I’ll do my best to avoid all the cheesy clichés. 🙂                                    …Read more The art of mothering – Pt. 1

How to not die at the dentist’s

Ok, pretty dramatic, right guys? Hehe. But yeah, given my dislike for dentist-teeth-like things, I have had to figure out a way to survive dental visits. And since I'm feeling like quite the sage, I'm gonna share it with you. Pass it on, friends. You might save a life. I had a recent visit with,…Read more How to not die at the dentist’s