12 years a…

Friends, this blog post is born out of a recent revelation of mine, which in turn was born out of a conversation had with friends. Hubby and I recently had a couple of friends over for dinner. With them, we are always guaranteed rich and deep conversations, so we were definitely looking forward to it.…Read more 12 years a…

Introducing…blogbacks (BBs)!

So, I'm letting you know up front that this isn't the first blog I've ever had. I know. You're blown over from the shock. I can only imagine. When I moved to Nigeria some years ago, it was such a culture change to me that it appeared the best way to deal with the change, with…Read more Introducing…blogbacks (BBs)!

Who is your audience?

Would you believe that this is a question I ask myself quite often? When I’m about to send a text message, look in my mirror, take a second glance, make a comment, etc., the thought runs right through my mind. And thank God it does. How often have you said something that you immediately wish…Read more Who is your audience?

The art of mothering – Pt. 2

So, welcome to another chronicle in my life and sojourn as a mother. I’ll jump right into it, shall I? On a day when I was feeling great (and I mean, great!) fatigue, with some malaise thrown in there, I was still busy doing life and being a mum. Naturally. When I say “doing life”,…Read more The art of mothering – Pt. 2

Plastic lil’ me.

“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Life in plastic is fantastic…” Does the above date me? No matter. 🙂 Those who are able to recall that song originally by Aqua will know what I’m doing here. Sorta. Ok, hang on. Why don’t I just get into what I want to muse about? Yes?…Read more Plastic lil’ me.