A perfect reflection

Recently, I was greatly impacted by the reality of Jennifer Rothschild’s life. This is a gorgeous woman who, when she speaks, gives off no reason for you to think of her in any way differently. You got it; she’s a wife and a mother, but the lilt in her voice betrays an enduring youth within…Read more A perfect reflection

Beauty or bust

I was impacted recently by the life story of an actress from the 40s and 50s. I absolutely stumbled across the movie/docu and I’m ever so glad I did! I both learned new things and was reminded of other equally vital truths.   First off, she was literally stunning. I am a woman, and I…Read more Beauty or bust

This side of heaven

I know there’s a heaven, I long to get there. But before I end up there, I figure There must be glimpses of it I can enjoy here. Not sure what I mean? Here, experience a little bit of heaven on earth with me: // A well-made tres leches dessert, discovery, fluffy bunnies, newborn butt…Read more This side of heaven

Plastic lil’ me.

“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Life in plastic is fantastic…” Does the above date me? No matter. 🙂 Those who are able to recall that song originally by Aqua will know what I’m doing here. Sorta. Ok, hang on. Why don’t I just get into what I want to muse about? Yes?…Read more Plastic lil’ me.