Out of control toddler??

Today, we need to talk about a special person. This person knows no boundaries. Or, sees them, but then does without them. Allow me to explain.   Life with my toddler is about living beyond a box. Whatever box you picture in your head. How do I know this? I invite you to do an…Read more Out of control toddler??

This side of heaven

I know there’s a heaven, I long to get there. But before I end up there, I figure There must be glimpses of it I can enjoy here. Not sure what I mean? Here, experience a little bit of heaven on earth with me: // A well-made tres leches dessert, discovery, fluffy bunnies, newborn butt…Read more This side of heaven

Meaningful messes

I have loved art for a long time. I’m not able to recall for how long because…well, I don’t tend to recall such details. Story of my life. #truetalk. But yea, I have been a true lover of different art forms for a while now. Art is one of the rarest things that can cause…Read more Meaningful messes