I know there’s a heaven,
I long to get there.
But before I end up there, I figure
There must be glimpses of it I can enjoy here.

Not sure what I mean?

Here, experience a little bit of heaven on earth with me:
// A well-made tres leches dessert, discovery, fluffy bunnies, newborn butt cheeks, the mischievous smiles of the elderly, transcendent art, well-manicured acres of grass, unnaturally beautiful nature scenes, met cravings/desires, love shown between predator and prey, vivid imaginations, a forgiving and forgetting toddler, the feeling of release, handcrafted beauties, marital closeness, a fully functioning Body of Christ, open space, perfectly satisfied hunger, true sister- or brotherhood, uniqueness, half an hour of pure silence, the act of removing lint from a dryer, unnaturally beautiful nature scenes, a well-stocked home (food-wise), the look and feel of water, time with a good book, the look of wonder in a baby’s eyes, dulce de leche ice cream, a clean environment, the ability to disappear (opposite of celebrity), a sense of wellbeing/peace, harmony in all meaningful relationships, and… // I’ll stop there for now.


What are some things that you reckon belong on this list?

Populate the comment section!


©2017, WriTEswAY


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