I have loved art for a long time. I’m not able to recall for how long because…well, I don’t tend to recall such details. Story of my life. #truetalk. But yea, I have been a true lover of different art forms for a while now. Art is one of the rarest things that can cause me to stop in my tracks. This ranges from when I come across an intriguing painting to when I hear a musical panhandler. I am that person who will stop to see the cool things the panhandler is doing with his guitar, harmonica, accordion, or what have you. I am in fact usually more stunned at the contrast between an apparently homeless person and the beautiful music s/he can produce. It’s literally astounding at times. I have to literally stop staring. But, even and especially in those moments, I end up with takeaways.


Messy though life is to us at times, there is meaning to it as long as our lives are being handled by the Creator of life. Too deep? Let me try saying it a different way. When one has totally surrendered his or her life to the Lord of life Himself, aka Jesus, no matter how confusing their life’s twists and turns, it will always be guaranteed to make sense in the end. I deeply believe that when I’m left on my own to make my own life make sense, it’ll be a gamble. It may work out, and it may not. I’m left to do the best I can with what I’ve got and know (however limited). But when I choose to entrust that life to God, and follow His leading, His paths may not make sense in the short term (in fact, many times they don’t, trust me), but it’s one of those situations in which the end makes the in-between compute. The end will truly justify the means He uses in our lives. Good thing about Him is that He is the very definition of goodness, so at least that means we’re not relinquishing our future, career, marital lives, etc. to a dictator-like God. Phew, right?


Being a big, huge, ginormous, mighty (you get the picture) fan of the movie Prince of Egypt, whenever it was that I first heard the following song, I stopped in my tracks. Up till now, friends, it has the same effect on me. It makes me think. In short, it is art. In this song, Moses’ future father-in-law is singing to him, a young man who feels frustration and sadness at how he’s spent his life so far. Moses also seems to be at a stage of wondering what good can come of his future. Dad-in-law to be, Jethro, sets him straight with the words of the song.


Listen to it, and I hope the combination of the song and what I’ve said here will cause you to look at the beautiful mess of your life, as I do mine, and be truly thankful. Perspective, perspective, perspective. Also, perspective.


Messes can be beautiful. Ask any ole toddler. 😉


©2017, WriTEswAY

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