Hmmm, so having officially been a mum for a few months now, it’s time to reflect on what all I may have learned in the time. I’ll do my best to avoid all the cheesy clichés. 🙂

                                                                   (goofy side-eye) 😉

Here we go!

  • I have never, EVER, worked so hard in my life. Yes, all the things they say about the work involved is true. So, I’ve learned that I should pay a visit to the past “me” and shake her awake!

  • I may be a smothering mother. I always did wonder what was wrong with all those mummies who give tight hugs and hold their kids right there! No chances of their getting away from that hug. Well, guess what? I could kiss my kiddo FOR-EVER. And I may already have. At those times, she gives a look that says: “when is love too much?” So, I’ve learned to be comfortable being THAT mum. 🙂
  • Kids need to be accepted for who they are. No duh, right? Well, that’s one of those things I “always” knew and had accepted. Mentally. But as this munchkin grows and I get to see more of that personality in all its glory, I stand in awe. I can’t hate. I simply love more. So, I’ve learned to judge people less.
  • Sleep is a figment of the imagination. No really, living without much sleep calls for a re-evaluation of whatever priority you’d given sleep to begin with. So, I’ve learned to only try to get a fuller, longer length of sleep time right when I’m on the brink of losing my mind. Lol.

Guys, there’s sooo much more where this came from. Stay tuned for other parts. Meanwhile, accept this simple, non-bear hug from me. I promise to release you.

Sort of. 😉


©2016, WriTEswAY

kid hug

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