So, I got to watch a YouTube video by Bob Sorge, entitled: God Could’ve Left Job Alone, and let me tell you, that left a major imprint on me. Let me see if I do justice as to the “why” of it.

When I first heard the title, I had an impression of what the video was going to be about. Do you have that sometimes? You see a book title and you feel like you’ve read it already? Then if you venture to actually read the book, some books then surprise you and show you how off you were in your assumptions? That was me with this title. I assumed that Sorge was saying that God could’ve given up on the idea of rescuing Job from his predicament, especially given that at some point in his suffering, Job did start to question God. So the idea I had about what this vid would be about was one of “forget about him”. That’s what I thought; it was perhaps from a point of view, an insecurity perhaps, that God had a right to be mad and walk away. I thought this way possibly from a place in me that questions His goodness and Fatherhood.

suffering - face of

Anyway, so Sorge’s discussion ended up being about the fact that whom the Lord loves, He tests…à la Psalm 11:5. I did NOT see that coming. Not at all, not in that way. I’m still all shook up when I think of the meaning and implication of what he says. God leaves the wicked to themselves, but works on those He loves in series of tests. He did that with His own Son; it pleased God to bruise Him! Huh!

So what does this all mean for the muser? How do I view whichever suffering He puts or allows me go through? Has this really changed my perspective, or will I best know when I go through my next challenge?

Truth is, I’m going through a tough phase right now and I truly could work on applying this mindset to it. God loves me. God picked me to go through this. I am blessed when I patiently and obediently walk through it, with Him holding my hand…


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