So, before I was ever pregnant, I recall that people who were would complain about wanting the baby out already, being tired of pregnancy, etc. I couldn’t understand. How bad could it be? And indeed, because it was granted to me to have an easy pregnancy, this mentality of mine stayed awhile. I just didn’t understand.

Well, fellow musers, by my ninth month in pregger-land, something changed. The back aches took a new position in my back, I had lots of pelvic pressure from baby’s low lying position, I peeed (so many eeees!) way more frequently (TMI?), had occasional nerve shocks to my thighs, legs and butt, was grossly unable to sleep well at night because baby had run out of room and was fussy… and on and on. In short, I now got it! I eventually reached that point where I desperately wanted my belly and body back. And to see my baby on the outside/flipside.I then thought about it and realized that the frustrations I had with my slower-moving body, among other issues (mentioned above!), were part of the Creator’s plan. If He didn’t set this to be just so, many women would never give birth or care to. Mum and baby would be content to stay in a state of pregnancy for many, many months. Instead, He had to make conditions increasingly difficult for mum and child so that beauty may be born.


Hey, not only that, but to help me get past the anxiousness I had about impending labor, I discovered that I started having vivid imaginations about the future with my baby. I thought of what the holidays would look like with our “new” family as a whole, thought of even the process of dressing her up for it, and specifically could visualize even the drive back home from the hospital with her in tow. Those thoughts were most real and were increasingly frequent for me in that very last month as we counted down. I’d seriously never thought that much about the reality of her prior to that, so it was amazing to me. I definitely realized that a brilliant God is behind all this. It turned out that those precious thoughts I had about my baby made me more and more mentally ready to receive her. At the same time, the discomfort I experience in my body was making me more and more ready to physically deliver her. Both worked in tandem.

Now, isn’t that something??
Talk about intelligent design!


©2016, WriTEswAY




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