– – Life – –

It’s one thing to be told you’re pregnant That stick of grossness that indicates With one or two well-placed lines That your life is about to change… For good. It’s one thing to experience queasiness Enough to make you question And enough to make your doctor thrilled. Your hormone levels are excellent This is all…Read more – – Life – –

Doing it supernaturally

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved babies. They're super cute, tiny, sweet, etc. I’ve also always wanted one or two, but as a kid, when I started hearing about what it took to “get” them out into the world, I promptly considered that, when I grew up, adoption would be the only way to…Read more Doing it supernaturally

God is brilliant!

So, before I was ever pregnant, I recall that people who were would complain about wanting the baby out already, being tired of pregnancy, etc. I couldn’t understand. How bad could it be? And indeed, because it was granted to me to have an easy pregnancy, this mentality of mine stayed awhile. I just didn’t…Read more God is brilliant!