It’s one thing to be told you’re pregnant
That stick of grossness that indicates
With one or two well-placed lines
That your life is about to change…
For good.

It’s one thing to experience queasiness
Enough to make you question
And enough to make your doctor thrilled.
Your hormone levels are excellent
This is all a great sign. This is all…
For good.


It’s one thing to watch your waist line change
A widening your little frame has never before experienced
A forward movement of your belly regions
That prompts a rethinking of your wardrobe and choices
A sign that even more changes are on their way…
For good.

But oh, nothing compares to that first glimpse
A sign of life that nothing and no one really prepares you for
A movement, a quickening
Distinct from every other bowel activity
Sudden and real, like a short reminder.
I’m here, I’m real, I’m in your life…
For good.


They call it quickening, some call it flutters
Some even a tapping sensation, and others popcorn popping.
To me, it’s all of the above and more.
A sign that I’m remembered. I am loved.
I was shown kindness by the Maker, who granted me a gift of life
To experience the joy He feels
When every life comes to be on the planet…

From a gazelle to a plant
He loves life. I have come to love Him more
As I’ve come to see life again through His eyes.
Only one of the many reasons He’s allowed me to be a caretaker
A life-giver…
For good.


©2017, WriTEswAY

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