My hubby will laugh that I’m actually writing a post about this, but what else could I do? I’ve listened to that song incessantly since I first heard it a few weeks ago. It grabbed my heart. Captured my imagination. Stirred my soul. When that happens, and you live and breathe a song, it oozes out of your creative outlets.


Aaaand here we are. 🙂


So first of all, you need to hear that song. Apart from the delightful melody, listen to the words, man. Those words. For the record, they are based on Psalm 139 in Scripture (hence the title of the song. Smart, eh? ;)). Have a read. Lovely chapter.


But here, I want to write specifically about one line from the song. It captured me more than all the rest: “If I make my bed in hell, You’ll lead me home.” Do you know why I almost cried listening to that line over and over? Because I could see myself. I could see me so clearly. I saw my times of stubbornness, disobedience, rebelliousness. Hey, we all have those times and sides of ourselves. It just takes pausing to help us realize them. And I did. But more than that, I saw how much He (Jesus) loves me. Little ole me. I have been a difficult person at different points in life. I have even raged against God, struggled with some things I’ve gone through when I’ve questioned why He would allow me go through them, etc. Through it all, I’ve seen Him patiently, kindly, tenderly, and oh-so-lovingly be there for me, speak His heart of love over me, and gently lead me…home.


I’ve been able to look back on my life and see how beautifully my life has turned out despite me. Despite my choices. Despite my kicking against His will for me. I’ve seen that He’s not a mean God, not forceful in any way. His heart is kind. He loves me. He loves…us. He loves His children. Instead of rail against us and condemn us, He chooses to lovingly guide us to Truth. He’s done that (and keeps doing it!) all my life.


I am undone. Broken. Humbled. And truly loved.


I hope the words of the song and the Psalm itself allow you to see God’s immensely large heart toward you. It’s wider than the widest ocean, friends.


Swim in it today.


©2017, WriTEswAY

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