Preschoolers are quite different from toddlers. I know, I’m going to be writing from my own experiences, but I consider it sufficiently instructive. 😊 One of the main differences between them (toddlers and preschoolers) has to do with the cognitive capacities. A preschooler has a bit more critical thinking skills and so is in a better place to argue and to follow logic – to a certain point at least. Long story short, I thought I’d write today with a good mixture of seriousness and humor about the life and times of a preschooler’s parent. So, let’s just get started.

Be constantly prepared for the unexpected

Just when you’re beginning to feel confident enough that you’ve instilled enough of the basics of your values for your child to know how to behave in society (remember, I’m talking just the basics here), you will get the opposite. Like the time on vacation my preschooler decided to get sand off her butt by publicly cleaning herself with ocean water. There was zero concern for decency or public opinion at that point, nor for her parents’ senses of self. Mortified, were we? Ohhhh yes.

Expect a deep show of affection in the times least anticipated

There have been times when I’ve been suddenly physically hurt and, being used to kids at this age normally only pausing to give a parent a mere glance in those moments, I brace to figure out things for myself. You can only imagine my surprise then, when any of my kids just walks up to me, cradles my head in their body, or hugs my leg, or puts their hands lightly on the side of my face and begins stroking it, saying the most tender of words. Ahhh, my heart. They truly love in a super pure way at this young stage. That purity is so rare in our world that one not only needs it but drinks it alllll the way in. It has formed for me some of my most precious memories I have of my children.

Their creativity is unmatched

The world, for kids at this age, is literally their oyster. They now have enough words to ask all the questions in the world, and better cognition than a toddler to understand more about the world. Put those together, and you have kids who can stretch the world they see physically into a world they cannot. At least the beginnings of that capability. Their play time is absolutely fascinating to observe as an outsider, because that is exactly how you feel in those moments. As an outsider. They do a whooole lot of chatter and singing as part of imaginary play and it’s sooo fun to listen in to, if you’re not first shooed away by them, that is. 😊

They might love things you hate and hate things you love

And I have a perfectly specific example. One of my children actually looooves going to the dentist. Can you imagine that? Loves it. Dances at the mention of an upcoming appointment. Ok, I’d like to know by show of hands how many adults love their dental visits in proportion to those who don’t.

By contrast, there might be things you the adult loves, say, to eat, like some veggie chips you indulge in occasionally and for which you cannot picture anyone rejecting (not because of its healthy-ness, but its actual taste), and in your loving moment, you hand some to your child who, from that moment onward, forbids it!

They are adorable sponges

At this age, they are hyper curious about life and about their world and will push to know more about them. Not only that, they don’t have a lot of skepticism to offer, but are truly in awe of what an adult (or other kid) is willing to teach them. Every time I see the earnestness in any of my children’s eyes as they look up to me or my husband, awaiting our responses to their question, I feel true love toward them as well as a huge sense of responsibility over their young selves. They can truly be molded in any direction. Gulp! May God help us mold them as He would have them be. As He knows them to be.

They are wonderfully innocent

They feel just as free to point out a “fat woman” loudly in public (to your absolute chagrin) as they are to ask you at home why they can’t look at other people’s private areas. They also want to know how it is that they can’t just happen to biologically grow up to be a sex opposite from what they were born with. They will also want to know why it is that in a pool area, the guys can walk around “naked” (read: topless) and women can’t. The most beautiful thing about the questions coming from children this age is that there is zero politics or uncleanness to their questions. No ulterior motives or hidden agendas. By contrast to adult questions of same kind that would be filled with hints, history, bents, affiliations, and on and on, when preschoolers ask you a frank question, they expect a frank answer. In their minds, they’re just going from point A to B – no zigzagging. Especially given our current climate, you can only imagine how refreshing it is to receive such questions.

Their need for play is limitless

I had observed that aspect before, but I noticed it even more during the months of COVID lockdown. Having them constantly around us and not free to roam around outside as much, I got to see that play is a core part of their need. Of their existence. And that for me was why the lockdown was very painful for me as I saw firsthand what it did to children, even as I understood the initial reasons for it. Children, especially at this age, even get educated through play. I have had to figure out playful and creative ways to teach them things and I have discovered that it works! Play is the key. God bless all their teachers. Thing is, these kids can play near ceaselessly, and when you ask them if they’re done and need to rest, you can only guess what their reply will be. Amazing. But perhaps not so much when you and I think of what childhood meant for us: plaaay!!!

Now, reader, I’m positive that I could keep this going, but I think it best that I stop here for now. I can revisit this list in the near future but I truly hope that this initial exploration of preschoolers makes you want to have one now, or go hug one that you know. They really are the most precious humans living through an amazing age. I adoooore mine. {heart}

©2020, WriTEswAY

2 thoughts on “About that preschooler specie…

  1. I love the part where they just show their affection out of nowhere. My kid does that. Just like that she comes, gives me a hug and a kiss and says in love you mama ❤ oh how my heart melts right there


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