How to leap over mountains

As I write this, I think of the many people of all ages who in this same month will be going through graduation ceremonies here in the States. Side note: I am one of those people who happen to find it absolutely ridiculous for a kindergartner to be going through such a ceremony. Heck, I’m…Read more How to leap over mountains

I dare you to dream

I write this for the dreamer, the one who knows there’s more. The one who imagines a different way of being; the one who, even for a split second, sees an alternate reality. I write this for the one who craves a chance, a possibility to use his/her abilities to form what is yet unknown.…Read more I dare you to dream

Have you called it into being?

When I look at my life Taking into account the circumstances and relationships that aren’t up to par The things I wish were different, better, more admirable, I feel sad.   Then I consider His Words. The promises He’s made to me and mine About how He actually sees things, and how He plans to…Read more Have you called it into being?