When I look at my life

Taking into account the circumstances and relationships that aren’t up to par

The things I wish were different, better, more admirable,

I feel sad.


Then I consider His Words.

The promises He’s made to me and mine

About how He actually sees things, and how He plans to transform things…

I feel glad.


But then, there appears to be a great chasm.

Like Mary asked: “How can these things be?”

And so I ask:

How in the world can we ever move from this spot to that promised land?

Look at all these imposing giants, immovable mountains.

Look at how far off that beautiful world of

Answered prayers is.


Oh look, I see a bridge.

A drawbridge. One that is affected in part by me and my attitude.


“Faith bridge” is the connection! It alone can help teleport me into promised land.

Into the new reality that is already a reality to Him.

Faith…what was it? The substance of what I hope for

And the evidence of things not seen.


I need to tug on that bridge. I need to place my trust fully in the One Who has promised

For He Who promised is faithful,

And He will do it!


The bridge is stretching, headed in my direction.

It is preparing to carry me on my way…



©2017, WriTEswAY

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