If you’re any bit like me, you wonder why it appears that everyone is hyper sensitive about things nowadays. Why they seem easily angered, and why it seems there’s a constant need to protest something. Anything. Now, unlike, say, in the 70s, they’re not about to legitimately protest things like war, but you’re likely to see people wanting to protest all kinds of things, from the improper treatment of animals, there being not enough non-GMO options available, or, I dunno, a restaurant not providing gluten-free bread, to who knows what else. John Crist captures a liiitle bit of what I’m talking about here, though he links it to millennials. I wouldn’t even limit it to just them. In themselves, these aren’t bad things for one to be concerned about, but when you see how people behave with regard to these things they consider “tragedies”, then I have cause to be concerned.

I came across a video of young people protesting the cruel treatment of animals. They decided that the best way to get attention was to reenact those same acts of torture. In public. Yep.

Worthy cause, but their method only lent themselves to their looking like a bunch of kids seeking attention. The problem is that, in my humble opinion, there are a lot of such manifestations these days. The worst thing is that I sometimes feel like the real causes tend to get passed over and these other ones get highlighted.

I recall when that American dentist shot and killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago. I was duly outraged, but of course, our generation took it to a whole other level. Note that around this same time, there was race tension and race issues plaguing America itself. Those who protested that (not always in the best way either) were either ignored or spoken ill of. But, hey, a lion! How cruel. How inhuman. It was a terribly strange experience for me as a foreigner in this country. Which should hold more weight? Whose cause should we truly stand up for on a consistent basis? What would Jesus do?


These and more questions ran through my head then and continue to do so now. At times, feeling like quite the sage, I sit back and wonder what’s wrong. Why are folks easily and sometimes misguidedly incensed these days? For example, where is the full-on outrage regarding what’s going on in Syria and other parts of the world? But, do you know what all this tells me? We humans were made to do something. We were made to bring about change, to improve our world and our lives. It’s inbuilt. The issue I think, is that for the most part, our generation seems lost. They want an idea, a reason to fight, a cause to rally behind, but they find none. Instead, they find hints of possible life issues and they form clumps that rally around those issues. Scattered, these clumps of people appear incoherent and become easy to label as “those crazy people”, “those vegans”, “those millennials”, etc.

To see more examples of this phenomenon (a cause-less generation), take a look at this story (trending now) or this video. What people wouldn’t do for attention.

Now, what would happen if they had one cause? What would happen if everyone finally understood the meaning of life, the purpose for their existence, and the intrinsic God-given value of humanity? These are things I think about. I think we have on our hands a world full of people hungry for more, hungry for truth. They happen to be full of energy, packed with passion, but lacking in vision. Sometimes, such people are even taken advantage of. I feel for them.

In my case, connecting with the Most High God provided all those things I mentioned: purpose, mission, and drive. And it has above all filled my life with adventure. You see, He knows how we were made because He made us that way. We love lives of excitement plus purpose. We are passionate creatures. All He then does is fill us with His calling and mission, provide us the tools, then sends us off. There’s truly no other way to live life. 🙂


Anyway, totally my two cents. But, anyone out there feelin’ me?


Gimme your two cents below!


©2017, WriTEswAY

2 thoughts on “A cause-less generation?

  1. I completely agree with this. I think another reason why the more important issues are often overlooked protest-wise is that they seem too insurmountable. It seems more attainable to get one dentist to be held accountable for his actions than to tackle racial tensions which have been present in the U.S. for hundreds of years. Like you said, we’re made to do something but sometimes, when the task seems too large, we can feel paralyzed and grab lesser things that we have a real shot at solving. Just my two cents… 😉


    • Golly, I love your two cents. Do you know, I’d NEVER before considered that?? Thank you sooo much for opening my eyes to that notion. But then again, perhaps it still says more about our generation, the “microwave generation”. Why are we hesitant to deal with the heavy things? Where are the MLKs and JFKs of our time?


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