If you’re like me and have a crazy high metabolism, you’d know that there are times when you just don’t feel strong. One moment, you have all the energy in the world and are moving at a rapid pace, and the next, you feel like sitting down. Sometimes even lying down. That moment when you’re pretty much a wet noodle. The energy reserves within you have just been zapped! Taken up. Used up by your body. I get like that a lot, and I try to eat to keep up with my body needs (my husband may have a tale to share with those who care for his opinion on this), but the truth is, I’ve had to confront that “weak” side of myself one too many times.

In effect, I’m more often brought face-to-face with my humanity.

Mother and daughter painting together outdoors with paintbrushes and watercolors

I’ve experienced this in greater measure as a mother. The needs of the home can call so strongly on me and I find that I struggle to meet every single one. Being a meticulous planner with attention to detail, I care so much for I’s to be dotted and T’s to be crossed. I’ve thus had to deal more than once with the truth that I am unable to be supermum. Yep, I see women with quadruplets (i.e. her) who are busy taking tons of selfies and having time to make all their kids constantly wear matching clothes. I also see those mums who somehow have figured out their toddler’s meals and already have them cooked, packed away, and ready to go (well ahead of time for feedings). In short, I see all those super amazing Pinterest mums, and I can boldly say….I’m not one of those. And yet, I and we all have to arrive at a point in which we don’t measure our strength by what we see of others. Truth is, I don’t live with these mums I’ve just described and have no idea what other daily struggles tend to flatten them.

In all, I’ve come to understand that true strength lies in one’s ability to get up and try yet once more. It’s that resolve to never allow yourself be flattened by life, to not let things break you down, and to not let circumstances steamroll you. A fortitude. This applies of course to other life ventures that go beyond parenting.

Truth be said, it’s actually that coupled with the great inner power that comes from leaning on Jesus. With those two, you can’t be beat!


Guaranteed. 😉


Energy drinkers need apply.


©2017, WriTEswAY

2 thoughts on “Strong-th?

  1. I feel your need.
    Truth is, every mother your age feels the pressure to be the perfect mom. Also, they feel the sap of energy on a regular basis.
    The problem is, to few take the advice of the older generation who have already been there.
    By the time they see that the advice given is true, they have already passed the stage of life where it truly mattered.

    Stop trying to do everything!
    You are meant to take care of you and your families needs to your own specifications, not any one else’s.
    If your tired, stop and rest. If something doesn’t get done, oh well, it is not the end of the world.
    Don’t feel like you have to go to every event your invited to. Pick and choose carefully.
    People will understand, and if they don’t, do you really need them in your life?
    Relax, enjoy your children, your spouse and your life.
    You only get one chance at it. Don’t press in so much you miss all the pleasures of just being you.


    • This is an absolutely great comment, and you’re right. There’s definitely wisdom to be gained by listening to the mommas who’ve gone ahead. I respect that. Thank you for sharing. That said, I’ll be running back to you and folks like you for more ideas on how to survive the mummy rat race. 🙂 Thanks again.


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