A Holly Jolly Christmas

I’ve definitely been astounded as to how fast this year has rushed at us all. 2017 gave new meaning to the phrase “time flies”. As we approach Christmas, I decided to pause and ponder again on what exactly is right about the holiday itself.   No, it’s not the time spent with loved ones. Nice…Read more A Holly Jolly Christmas

Gracefully aging

It would appear that everybody is running away from those first hints of wrinkles, that first turn of gray in the hair. At first glance, I’d be quick to say: I don’t blame them. But then again, you know by now that I’m quite the muser. There’s a lot to ponder about that behavior.  …Read more Gracefully aging

The Almighty knowledge

When you think of “God”, what floods your mind? For some, images of a wrathful, vengeful huge huge being immediately come to the fore. Others picture a loving grandpa figure with a long white beard à la Santa. And then, there are yet others with images that fit anywhere in the spectrum between these two.  …Read more The Almighty knowledge