Foodies. Today we’re here to talk about foodies. I’m intimately acquainted with a number of them, so I reckon I can speak somewhat authoritatively about the condition. Yes, condition.


But first, let’s define the word. [F • oo • dee]. A foodie is one who absolutely loves food of various kinds, will immediately break into a smile at the thought or mere mention of food, is more likely to wake with food being either the first thought in their mind, or one of the top three at the very least. Another characteristic? Such a person can be lifted out of true sadness by someone mentioning the possibility of a meal from one of his/her favorite eating spots. If “Chick-fil-A”, wait till the person looks, I dunno, thirsty, then proceeds to mention that s/he needs a drink. Watch as his/her eyes widen as they realize the endless possibilities: “…orrrr, we could go down to Chick-fil-A, get a soda, and…”


Bliss is restored. Another characteristic of a foodie is that creativity manifests whenever it has to do with food. New combos, new things to buy, new condiments to try on an already established nom nom, and so on.


I am not a foodie because, well, I eat to live. I enjoy a good meal only when I actually started out with a craving for it (and I don’t get many cravings, even in pregnancy), or only when I’m actually super hungry (usually when I’ve unwittingly starved myself). Yes. I tend to forget to eat, and at times when I still do remember, I don’t always feel like it. I do find food very very pleasurable when, again, it’s something I planned (like eating out after a while, and/or when craving a specific thing), and because I eat slowly, I get to fully savor food before it goes down. Not so for some of the foodies I know. Food is pleasurable simply because it exists. Food easily disappears when encountered. Now I’m not trying to embarrass them or anyone in particular. The phenomenon simply baffles me. I’ve definitely laughed at them in person when foodie manifestations occur – we all have a good laugh, but then, umm…something happened. I gave birth to a child who may or may not be a foodie. Gulp.


That’s my way of saying: I think this one is a foodie.


So, I still laugh (I don’t think I can cease in that regard), but I’ve had to try to understand this breed of humans. Not bad, just different. They are other than me, different from me, but, what makes them tick? What is really behind their foodie-ness?


I think it’s a love for the sight of food. Right? No. Or is it the smell? Or the… ok, I got nothing. My thing is, if a little baby can, almost instinctually, be a foodie, then my goodness, I may never fully understand the thing. If any of you guys comes up with a rationale behind the phenomenon, let the rest of us know. For now, it’s time to organize the next foodie convention. I have a few people in-house who can serve as president, chair/host, and secretary. Me? I’m a media critic.


Happy eating!


©2017, WriTEswAY

6 thoughts on “The love of food is the root of…

  1. Shout out from president of the convention (yeah I could read between the lines, ahem). Let’s all get together we foodies and while the critics analyze with their words, we will lend our mouths to generous helpings and let out “mmms” with every yummy bite.


  2. I am certainly a foodie and so are my kids. Our lives revolve around amazing homemade food that we either invent or copy from others. Nothing brings us sensations and happiness like an amazing meal that melts in our mouths with an explosion of flavor. Yes, we love food! and it shows haha. I wish I forgot to eat sometimes!
    I believe the foodiness comes from knowing everything is yummy if you know how to prepare it.


    • This is simply awesome to hear. 🙂 Great family. lol
      Hmm, but it makes me think: so your foodieness comes from only prepared food? I know of some foodies who eat just about anything. Lol.


  3. I would consider myself almost a foodie.
    Especially when things are bothering me, or if I’m bored. Food instantly comes to mind.
    I have no idea why, if I did, I could stop it.
    I don’t think I am cabinet member material just yet? Or, maybe I should be president! Lol.
    I am looking forward to hearing some feedback on this.


    • HAHAHA! Love hearing from a closet foodie. I never knew this about you.
      Hmm…we’re definitely accepting applications for positions. Just be sure to send them in and you will be considered. 🙂


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