For some, it manifests through sudden strange scary thoughts when they’re alone; for others it shows up as panic attacks; and for yet others, it is noticeable when the idea of interacting with others (one-on-one or in a group of whatever size) creates a feeling of near dread within. In all these cases, the people in each category are battling the same issue: fear. Well, in the cases described, they’re not exactly battling it, but more like living through its oppressive force/power. Either way, experiencing fear is just awful. I experience it just as much as the next person. But are we merely to go through the experience of fear, or can we indeed overcome it?


So many books and articles have been written on how to deal with and/or overcome fear. Some have even been written from the perspective of the workplace and how to overcome fear to enable one reach personal success. In all I’ve read, there’s one book that I’ve found that encapsulates well how to wring the neck of fear: the Bible. Whether you’re a Christian or not, we all know the power of positive confession. This is why people place post-it notes on their mirror and say to themselves the positive, self-affirming things they’ve written on there. Somewhere in us, we know that speaking good things out loud leads to our finally coming to believe it. Well, that’s the basic idea you’ll find in the Bible. In fact, the very notion originates from the author, God Himself.


I’ve come to see the power in practicing it, in speaking truth to myself about myself, my circumstances, my relationships, and even God Himself. Yes, there are times we start to struggle even in our connection with God. It’s in those times that we need to remind ourselves of what’s real and what isn’t. In other words: what’s true and what’s a lie. For the Bible-believing Christian, the difference is that we believe that the Bible is truth because it is the word of God Himself, as conveyed through human beings. So, when a feeling of fear grips me, say about my position in my workplace, I instead speak out loud what is true, what God says about me, about my present, about my future, about my success. This works, people! I’ve found that time and time again, speaking that truth bolsters my sense of self as well as drives fear far from me! My mind is clearer, and I discover that I’m back to a place of power.


The key difference is not in my merely saying positive words, but in the fact that I’m saying words hinged on the power of a Person, the only person who truly controls my life and its outcome, and whose thoughts toward me are only good ones. I’m talking about the only Person who is really all out to do me good and has the absolute power to. If I can trust in His words, then I’m good to go.


Don’t take my word for it. You oughtta try this method for yourself and see what I’m talking about!


For those who have done this or who do this pretty regularly, what has been your experience?



©2018, WriTEswAY

One thought on “Stomp it out!

  1. It all comes down to how much trust you have in God, if you are a believer.
    For unbelievers, it is only the power of your own ability to control your mind.
    For believers, your willingness to go through whatever God is allowing, and knowing that His purpose for it is always for good, is what will bring you peace.
    If your not willing, the road will be a rough one.
    God works all things together for good, for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.


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