This is for all you honeymooners out there. Being in this stage has zero to do with age, turns out.

Read carefully and you may find that you, even you empty-nesters, are smack bang in the middle of it.


My ode: To all honeymooners.

You know you are still in the honeymoon phase of your life when…


  • You can lie in with your partner all day if either of you choose to.
  • You only need to think of meals for two, if that.
  • You want to exit the house and…one step, two step, voila. You’re outside and in your car.
  • Your home is still in whatever state you left it at half an hour ago. Also…pristine!
  • You plan vacations willy-nilly, based solely on your finances and your amount of time off.
  • The most dramatic part of running errands for you is…n/a.
  • You actually plan a hang out with friends within the week and…it happens!
  • You’d like to buy that home because it’s oh-so-close to your hang out spots, your work, and…umm, that’s it.
  • You plan things with friends because your life has been super quiet lately. Time to spice things up!
  • The latest time you’ve fallen asleep is…morning!
  • If you’re female, you love hugs. Lots and lots and lots of them. At any time of day, night, or in-between.
  • Your idea of fun isn’t always a nap.
  • You have eyes only for your partner. Not any little person.
  • You and your partner want to go eat at a restaurant. And…you do. The most eventful thing that happened for y’all is the commotion caused by the staff singing to a patron.


Big grin. If up to 5 of these is your story, then you know your answer. 🙂 I thought to write this not because I in any way regret anything in my current life (nooo way!), but because my hubby and I were simply looking back the other day. We realized that the term “honeymoon” actually doesn’t apply only to those two weeks to a month that occur right after your wedding. It is pretty much the entire period in a couple’s life before the cutest munchkin(s) arrives in the picture frame.


All this to say, LOVE the season you’re in. I write about my parenting escapades because they’re hilarious, challenging, etc. Most of all though, I write because that is the season I’m in. I am loving every minute of it, including the times that I have to sneak off to a room to chow down a snack in private before I’m discovered and have to share! LOL!


As with everything on the planet, seasons will come and go. I have been learning to grab hold of the present and revel in it.


I hope that’s your story too!


Maybe we should all go shake some honeymooner awake. Just because it’s fun to mess with them. 🙂


©2018, WriTEswAY




2 thoughts on “Still over the moon?

  1. This reminded me of the days that I could enjoy an audiobook on a Saturday morning. Now, I read with one eye and other is on little lady. Thanks for the funny reminder of those days.


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