There are many things that cause me to stop and think these days. When I see how messed up the world’s values are (where someone like this rebellious teen, infamous for being willing to physically fight her own mother and whoever else, is “rewarded” with a sold-out show while many honest people are toiling away at jobs with little rewards and returns), how rampant oppression is, how much impunity exists, the destruction of innocence (and the innocent!), the crazy levels of greed, unrestrained selfishness, and so on, it is easy to ask this question: what in the world???


I have had times when I felt a tad disillusioned. Nothing on this earth makes sense, if you think about it. Not really. The only times when things seem to fit are when perhaps we see an act of unusual kindness, whether a person is doing it to another person or even to an animal. We tend to hear the same things from people about those moments: “It renewed my faith in humanity.” Why would they need to say that? Because they haven’t seen such acts often enough. Especially the purely unselfish ones. This tells me something. Things only make sense when we see evidence of love. This tells me that we were made for more. We were made for love. This is why living in this world can oftentimes feel so…foreign.


I say all that to say this. Don’t put your focus, and even your hope, in this world and in all you see. Don’t let things bog you down so much either. Why? Every.single.thing in this world will in no way last forever. Everything will pass away. Hear that? It’s not here to stay. So don’t spend your entire existence only trying to make yourself your millions. You can’t take that wad of cash with you in your coffin when you go anyway.


I feel like more so now than ever I need to invest my time, money, energy and heart into the only things that count and that will last. Since by now you know that I am a believer in Jesus Christ the Son, the Bible tells me that loving God and loving people are the two things that matter. Two things only! Imagine having your day’s to-do list whittled down to two activities! Lol – now wouldn’t that be a dream? Ok ok. Now think about having your whole life’s goals (the “meaning of life”) summarized into two activities. Makes things easy, doesn’t it? Lol.

natural beauty2

So, I may not be able to change that ridiculous coworker, or that oppressive so and so, but I sure can practice (and keep practicing) learning to love them. We are told to love our enemies. I think that’s one of the hardest things I know to do. 😊 Still, with God’s help and backing, I try and try again. That’s my encouragement to you, dear reader. This is not your home. The earth is no more your home than a bus ride is your actual destination. I leave you with a couple of quotes from a man I wish was my actual friend (if wishes were horses). First: “Lower your expectations of earth. This isn’t heaven, so don’t expect it to be.”


And one more: “Deep down you know you are not home yet. So be careful not to act like you are. Would you hang up pictures on the wall of a Greyhound bus? Do you set up a bedroom at the roadside rest stop? Do you load your king-size bed on a commercial flight? Would you treat this world like home? It isn’t. The greatest calamity is not to feel far from home when you are, but to feel right at home when you are not.”


The quotes are amazing in themselves, and I really ought to end there, but…please remember that truth the next time you’re dealing with opposition, feeling in an oppressed state, struggling with depression, or what have you. This isn’t it.


And thank God it isn’t!


©2018, WriTEswAY


2 thoughts on “What’s this world coming to?

  1. You are so right by saying , This is not our home. And thanks be to God that it isn’t!
    Every truth in the bible concerning the ‘End Times’ is so evident in this world today.
    How could anyone deny that the Bible is Gods truth, when His very words are being fulfilled as we speak!
    It is very hard to walk in that ‘Peace which surpasses all understanding’ or that ‘Joy unspeakable, when you look at the immorality that exists today, and is being deemed ‘The Norm’!
    Our hope is in Jesus Christ, in the truth of His promises in His word.
    Pray for faith to trust God through all of this.
    Perfect Love casts out fear. And God loves us perfectly!


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