What is it about mothers and mothering that causes people to spend oodles yearly in celebration of them?

Well, in my experience:

It’s the only calling that isn’t necessarily based on ordination.

It’s a task for which there is no standard/model/template to work with.

A job in which every single day is different since there are always various moving parts (and humans).

It’s a job that seems to require no upfront skills to embark on it, and yet at whatever skill level one does embark on it, requires the steepest learning curve.

It’s one of the fewest jobs that are eternal (in outcome and consequence).

It’s a career with no immediate financial rewards.

It’s one that calls for almost zero breaks in the break-room and oftentimes minimal contact with the outside world.

It’s work that calls for high-level critical thinking and survival skills.

It’s an ongoing job that demands high-level multitasking and self-starter skills.


And yet,

Mothering provides incredible dividends in the short- and long-term, as measured by the heart-o-meter.

It lends to self-improvement in so many aspects of one’s character.

It yields immense joy in those moments that one get a glimpse of the impact she’s making.

It forces an intimacy with and dependence on God, spouse and others that one may otherwise never have had.

Mothering provides soooooooooooo many opportunities for laughter (these little people are honestly more hilarious than most comedians!).

To mother permits you to relive childhood in the best manner possible.

Through the littler people, it allows us to see life afresh, with their innocent and incredibly earnest eyes as one’s lens.


There is such a blessedness to being a mum that, coupled with the strain of it, lends to the beauty of what is known as life. Trust me very much when I say this: there is NO mum who would genuinely have it any other way. We are grateful beings. 😊 And when we’re not, we’re reminded to be. Thankfully.

[As it was a mother behind this write-up, the reader is by now aware of how poorly outlined it has been.  This faultiness can be attributed to sleep deprivation and the near-constant tired state of the writer, which will be rectified in…ooh, 18 years’ time.]

So, what are you waiting for?

Go hug a mother.

(Chances are, that’s the only form of physical touch they will actually tolerate right now. 😊)

©2019, WriTEswAY

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