As I sit here writing this, it’s crazy cloudy out, and the skies are preparing themselves for a nice downpour. I don’t know what it is about impending rain, but I always find myself mesmerized (for lack of a better word) at the heavens. I find myself constantly looking upwards, checking, readying for those first drops. I listen out for the first rumble of thunder and, for some reason, its arrival usually brings a smile to my face. Up to this point in my life, I still haven’t sat still long enough to figure out what’s wrong with me. Lol! Why exactly do I wait for rain?

That’s for another day. No time to sit still just now. 🙂

For today, I’m able to sit still just long enough to merely point out an observation I made while checking upward. I realized that every time I’m on an aeroplane, especially when flying internationally, it never rains high up there! In fact, at the altitude it takes to cruise to destination, you hardly even see clouds around you! Only below. It’s just sky, open air, and that blessed sun. It’s only during take-off and landing that one can encounter (and pass through) tough weather situations and those horrible clouds that cause major (or minor) turbulence.

Well, having realized this, I was certain that there’s a life lesson there. Let me try to sum it up this way: no matter how stormy things look to you at a given point in your life, know deep inside you that that’s not all there is. Know that that’s not the entire story. There is sky and sun just a bit beyond those cumulonimbus clouds. My recalling those flight experiences helped me see how base or “lowercase” the clouds were. How unimportant, really. When flying, we were always passing through the clouds en route to our destination, whether above or below. They were never our permanent experience.

I’d like you to hang onto that truth today. Nothing rough you’re currently experiencing will last. It is merely an experience that you’ll look back on when you land.

For now, weather that turbulence with grace. His grace.

Hold onto your hats!

©2019, WriTEswAY

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