I’m pretty much known in my family (maiden home included) for being the one all about cracking up. What do I mean? I seek for and thoroughly enjoy funny things, events, comments, memes, video clips, you name it. If it’s funny, I’ve got to see it. And when I laugh, it’s from the depth of me.


My precious hubby commented to me the other day that laughter was the best medicine. I instantly agreed with him, adding that it also meant that I’m drowning in medicine. At that exact moment, we happened to be hooting and hollering in laughter about something. You should’ve been there. Those laughs – cure for cancer, guaranteed. 😉


I haven’t lived that long but I sure know that I enjoy seeing people go beyond smiling. I love to see people laugh. I happen to think that laughter is a gift to humanity, and I thank God every day for people who are gifted at making others laugh. They make the world a much better place.


If you are genuinely funny (i.e. more people than your mom think so), please, please continue to be that way. Don’t ever get to the point where you feel the need to shut down that side of you. I for one have noticed that in my lowest moments, the ability to figure out something to laugh about has drawn me straight out of the depths and up into the skies.


Yes. Medicine doesn’t cut it.


I like laughing first – and last. Pun fully intended. 🙂


You? What reeeally gets you going?


©2017, WriTEswAY

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