How do I write?
How do I write about a God so huge
So powerful, so beautiful
In a way that grabs your attention
Expands your imagination
Helps you see… Him?

How can I write
Like others who write hymns, psalms, songs
About and for the Almighty
From their hearts to the heavens
With such poetic fluidity?

How can I jump in
To the wave carrying the throng of spirit-and-truth worshippers
And use their skills to express my love
And awe
To the One, to the One.

I’m a communicator, they say
Trained and able to make sense out of words
Too tough for others to muddle through
I’m able to untangle the web
And re-weave it into a gorgeous quilt
But, is that so?
Is that enough?

How do they do it?
Why can’t I?

They say He rides on the wings of the storm
That when He looks, the nations tremble
That when He moves, the hills flee for cover
And when He stops, the earth shakes.
How do they know that?
How do they do that?

Will I ever be able to?


©2017, WriTEswAY


6 thoughts on “Poetic injustice

  1. Your honest admission of descriptive limitation speaks volumes on behalf of non writers like us who just wonder the basis of the poets’ use of words to attempt to describe the infinite God. I just read, meditate and gulp!.


    • Completely. 🙂 For years, I have been just like you. I always just stood back and read those words in amazement. But, I’d like to dive in and try myself at some point… 🙂


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