Mummy dearest

Were any of you like me? You always thought that your mother was a bit crazy, over dramatic, and couldn’t possibly be right all those times (no reference to this movie, by the way). I wasn’t an out there rebellious child, but I definitely had my moments as a teenager, I tell you. That said,…Read more Mummy dearest

Raising a toddler, pt. 2

Where do I begin? Ok, I’ll start by complaining, then end on a more positive note. First, it cannot possibly be this hard, can it? I mean, surely not. Surely there must be a way to calm a toddler down, much like we swaddle newborns to calm them. I mean, do you mean to tell…Read more Raising a toddler, pt. 2

The art of mothering – Pt. 2

So, welcome to another chronicle in my life and sojourn as a mother. I’ll jump right into it, shall I? On a day when I was feeling great (and I mean, great!) fatigue, with some malaise thrown in there, I was still busy doing life and being a mum. Naturally. When I say “doing life”,…Read more The art of mothering – Pt. 2

The art of mothering – Pt. 1

Hmmm, so having officially been a mum for a few months now, it’s time to reflect on what all I may have learned in the time. I’ll do my best to avoid all the cheesy clichés. 🙂                                    …Read more The art of mothering – Pt. 1