I just have a number of questions, pressing ones that might make sense to you, Worry Wart, ole buddy ole pal. Please, hear me out, and help me out also with answers to my questions. The way I figure it, my questions might help you, and your answers me. Win-win.


First off, when did it all begin? When did you gain your name? Was it with the very first worrisome incident of your life? At age…what, 2?

  1. How did you earn your stripes? In other words, how did you keep it going to the point where you are now? Do you have it down to a science?
  2. Do you have breaks in-between episodes? Like, do you pause and start up? What causes either?
  3. Has it improved your lifestyle? Made you feel better, safer, more certain and less confused?
  4. Have you influenced your friends just by being you? Have you even shared your lifestyle with others as a remarkable way to do life?
  5. Has it usually changed the situations that prompted the behavior? So, has it paid the bills? Solved that relationship issue? Helped change your child’s behavior for the better? Improved your health?
  6. Do you recommend it overall?


Seriously. Enquiring minds need to know. I want to know how you do it, WW. How? How do you live like this? I’ve even seen you often unwittingly bragging about your abilities, wearing it almost as a badge of honor. Like, how?

See, the thing is, I ask you all these questions only because, well…I sometimes see you in the mirror.

And I don’t like it.


It’s time. I resolve to continuously turn my problems over to the One Who can actually help fix them. To turn my children over to Him who can teach them better than I can. To rely on the God who owns it all to handle every financial issue, and to the Father of love to fix every relational hiccup.


Above all, I choose thankfulness. Yessir, WW, gratitude is where it’s at.


Lastly, WW, I hate to say it like this but…I never did like your name.


©2019, WriTEswAY

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