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Ok, let’s continue on with our discussion I begun last time.

The other real problem with being surrounded solely by those who think like us is that it lends to less capable brains, in my opinion. What is it that scientists are known to say? That most (or all) of us only use about 10% of our brains?? I feel like there are actual times in your life and mine when you truly believe this to be true! Lol! I mean, let’s be honest. Those moments when you’re aware that you just didn’t apply Monsieur Brain to an nth of its capacity? Come on, I know I’m not the only one. So, fine. But reader, the thing is that this percentage also applies to the smartest person you’ve ever known. 10%. And you KNOW that such people are/were rigorous in the use of their minds. They challenged and stretched their intellect. They read broadly, studied various subjects, experimented, applied critical thinking, etc.


See where I’m going with this? We were made to be challenged. There’s no life as dull as one with singular experiences. We do need to engage with that difficult mindset (though not often on social media), think through that hard-to-solve problem, relate with some difficult people. Think about it. When have you grown the most in your life? If we were all honest, it was when we encountered difficulty. A tough problem led to our pushing ourselves to form a creative solution. Encountering and overcoming are what we were created for.


So, whatever happened to handling feedback/criticism with maturity? Nowadays, any word that makes a person uncomfortable (but which really could be an invitation to introspection and growth) can be filtered out (potentially forever) by simply “unfollowing” the person it came from. Of course, I’m speaking in general terms. There are comments and responses that do not need to be addressed or left on one’s wall. Still, the situation I speak of begs the more general question: is this what friendship has come to? What is the meaning of relationships now? Are we ever truly open in our human relationships, or do we mask our true feelings and tip toe around each other?relationships_maskWe are called to face those mountains, and slay those giants. To do less is to live with mediocrity, and that, my friends, leads to a less fulfilled existence. Your mind can handle it. So push it to. Engage your brain. Don’t let yourself be led down the easy road of conformity. Go against the stream and strive for intelligence. Don’t bother “unfollowing”. Sometimes, try to follow that road down where it may lead. You’ll be surprised to discover that it led you to a place of depth and a renewed sense of who you are. That’s how God made us, and I’m glad of it. Honest. 😊




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