This blog post is long in coming because I for sure have pondered the issue for over a year now.

Thing is, nowadays, I find that many people use GoFundMe to do some form of “glorified” begging. Greatly ridiculous. The site was set up as a means for people to be able to request funding from others to cover them when in dire straits. I have actually helped a friend set up one – and it was for a child going through great health issues. Money was needed. That made sense. As well as do the others I’ve seen along that vein.

But, what kind of a mindset causes folks to be OK with going all out to ask others to do stuff for them that are either unnecessary or that they can handle themselves?? See Exhibit A. Also, Exhibit B.

While on the matter, let me segue into panhandling. Or, begging on the streets. Over time, I have noticed an increase in the number and creativity of people in the city streets around where I live. Look, I originate from a country where some people literally have to beg for their daily bread. And there are many nations like this. The reason? A completely shattered system where almost nothing works. So what would be the excuse over here? What makes it OK for many people now to opt to beg as a way of life?

Above all, who are the people funding such people and paying for them to be able to continue to do these acts? I write all this partly because I’m just baffled and because I’m a muser. So jump into the conversation whenever, yea? What immediately strikes me is the increase in humanism or, particularly, selfishness. The self focus these days is ridiculous. Society simply cannot be well sustained if every single person is only about what makes them happy. I mean, all this “You do you” or “Do whatever makes you happy” has actually led us down this rabbit hole. Some literally believe that these requests of theirs are of hyper enough importance that others need to cough up their hard-earned cash! And they have no qualms about it. Worse still, people are coughing up their cash for these ridiculous “causes”. What??

Or, maybe I’m missing something. Am I? I gripe especially because there are actual needs in the world and in the lives of people I know/have come across, for which there is no immediate financial solution.

Anyway, I’m open to hearing more and learning from y’all. Let me know in the comments!

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