Let’s talk today about laziness. Why? Why??? Because it’s a condition that eludes me much these days. Lol. So, as I’m the one blogging (read: talking) here, so you just have to help me by reading (read: listening). I’ll rant a bit.

A long, long time ago (dramatic, right?), there were days when I could decide if I wanted to shower or not (although, being a clean freak, those hardly happened), decide if I wanted to read a book for a better part of my afternoon, days when I could plan out my evenings to only include a healthy dosage of Netflix. There was a time when I could just message a friend and plan a meet up that then took place within the hour. Gasp. A time when friends could lounge and chat for absolute hours, munching on chips at a restaurant or in someone’s home. The clock didn’t exist, nor did it need to. It was chilling hour.

Well let me tell you, tick tock, that hour has vanished. I say that with mixed emotions and I’ll explain why in a bit. From the very moment I conceived, I started learning in ways small and great that my time was no longer all mine. It really made sense only hours after I’d given birth. When I wanted to rest and a lovely nurse walked in the room reminding me that it was time for baby to feed. I recall the shock I always felt at each feeding time thereafter. “How in the world can this child be hungry?” “Wait, didn’t she JUST eat?” No anger or anything in me, just sheer bafflement. There’s noooo way a person can be hungry in such a short time. Umm, yes way. And on it went. I discovered diaper changes truly fill up a portion of one’s day. Of course, as I went on to have two little absolute blessings (!), I also discovered that having two kiddos in diapers was complete and total proof of that! Diaper changes demand a large quotient of the day. It would always seem that the one second you thought you could just sit down a minute and put a child on your lap to catch your breath would be the exact time you sniffed something unpleasant. And realized the implications. There would be no sitting down just then. Or for the next few hours, give or take. Diaper time!

When I quickly learned that parenting kicks away every lazy bone in one’s body, I felt as though I’d come into a profound revelation. A deep insight. And yet, it’s not really, is it? It’s a truth alright, but it may only have seemed profound to a super exhausted mum’s mind like mine. #thatmomentwhen. To be honest with you, I’ve had quite a few of those “Woooow, that’s deep” moments, of things that would only be considered deep perhaps to a person as high as a kite. All good, all good. Self esteem in tact. The point is, I saw that there is some amazing beauty to this parenting experience despite its grueling nature.

Parenting shows me daily what true love is. In parenting my beeeauutiful children, I’ve found that I have fallen short on love repeatedly. Meaning? True love is sacrificial. It doesn’t expect anything back but gives, gives, and gives again. Hey, I am not advocating you not finding space and time to get re-centered. Please do, for your sanity and the safety of your kids. Lol. But on the whole, the reality is that parenting will absolutely stretch you. Heck, I’ve even heard bits of this from people who own puppies. Buut, in being stretched, we discover that we are more than we ever thought we were.

I’ve found out that in 12 hours I can now accomplish waaaay more than I could do with the same 12 hours in my single years. I’ve found that I have strength that I didn’t know I had. I’ve found that I have endurance that is driven by sheer will power. In all, I’ve found that I’m a better lover of human beings just by raising two.

It’s not all exciting, and it’s not all fun and games, but it’s all…for the good. So, if you’re a parent reading this, the next time you’re tempted to just miss the days of endless laziness, consider that the new you is actually a better you. Nothing lost (except Netflix and chip munching time), and much gained. See? All good. 😊

So get on up and get going! No lazybones here. 😉

Are you encouraged by this? Let me know in the comments below.

©2019, WriTEswAY

2 thoughts on “Bones, bones, rise up!

  1. Needed this while being the only one awake in the house with a dirty, cranky baby since 5:30 am!! Thank you and much love, girl!!


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