The new year rolled around and everyone was ready for it, pen and list in hand, good to go. Who knows? A good number of people likely even had their resolutions already memorized. Either way, there was an optimism in the way we were all getting into 2018. Nothing was going to stop us this time from achieving our dreams, reaching our goals, hitting those milestones – both real and imaginary.


Indeed, there were those who through humor seemed to vow that 2018 is the year they would avoid drama, negativity, fake friends, and who knows what else. There were also the more cynical ones who questioned such vows: “Yeah but everybody says that every year. What’s really different?” To which I mentally thought: “touché”.


Wherever you lie on that spectrum, both groups have it right to a point. The bottom line is that a new year offers each of us a chance at actually rethinking our plans and ideas. I know, I know, the entire year provides such opportunities but, there is something, isn’t there, about December 31 that makes us actually sit up and WILL ourselves to come up with a plan for change. December 31 also happens to be a reminder that whatever we vowed to accomplish the previous year either didn’t get at all done, or was partially completed.


That said, let me share this. I am usually encouraged by the following Scripture: “The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning” (Lam. 3:22-23). A new year really translates to a new day starting. Literally. Dec 31 was one day. You go to bed (or not! Woohoo!), and you find yourself in January 1 – just another day. Despite my failings on a daily or yearly basis, there is a constant. Jesus. Now, He doesn’t need a new year’s resolution to stick to His promises, nor does He need to psych Himself up to get things done for us. Because of His GREAT, massive and intentional love toward you and me, He is constant. Every new day (read: year) is a chance for Him to (yet again!) pour a torrent of love in your direction. In mine.


Maybe this year all you and I need to consider, at least for our year to be successful, is whether we wake each morning aware of that truth mentioned above. Does that Scripture mean anything to you? Who is Jesus to you? Surely you’ve always heard of Him so you think you know Him. But…is knowing about someone the same as knowing them?


Take a walk with Him. In 2018, take a chance at getting to know this Jesus you’ve heard all manner of things about. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly amazed.


Now that’s a resolution. I’m in. Are you?


©2018, WriTEswAY

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