What was it that worked for you this year? Was it the multicolored eggs? Or the awesome get-togethers, the great meal time, the chance for contemplation? Were you enamored with the bunny? With seeing people dressed in sweet pastels?


Well, having just gone through another awesome Easter (or “Resurrection”) Sunday, I needed a moment come Monday to think back on just what contributed to the awesomeness. Seeing kiddos in those pastel-colored outfits was definitely a highlight, but…what was IT about this year’s Easter?


I think for me it was the chance to rethink the things I’d taken for granted about the resurrection story. Having grown up in a Christian household, and having attended many Easter church services in my life so far, it’s easy to simply attend yet another service without thinking again about what it meant for Jesus (a human being like myself at the time) to make an ultimate sacrifice of love for people who not only didn’t care for Him, but who in fact hated Him. He truly didn’t have to bother with loving us; He still did. And He showed it in the most profound way possible. How in the world is it ever OK for an innocent person to be killed in the place of other spiteful and totally guilty people? In our minds, in our world, it wouldn’t sit well with us. He did it though, guys. He did it.


I found myself thinking of how often, or if at all, I’ve ever truly loved others in such an intense sacrificial way. I mean, no one expects me to land on a cross, but, have I ever given up something so dear to me for the sake of others? Specifically, for the sake of people who actually care nothing for me or my act of kindness?


These are the thoughts that filled me this Easter. I truly hope they lead to a total life change because the world is no less in need of love now than it was in His time.


Ok, your turn. What did it for you this Easter? I’m totally curious.

©2017, WriTEswAY

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