So, grownfolks, I live in one of the states within America that has begun opening up in phases and boy, what a difference it has made!

There have been many losses we have all incurred in this period, but in thinking, I realized one thing: I like some of the outcomes of this pandemic. I then thought I ought to jot down some of my joys (and some sadness) post-quarantine:


I like having people share more genuine smiles when they pass by.


I love the absolute joy on my kids’ faces when they see other little humans like them.

I like seeing more people taking advantage of nature, exercising even more in the outdoors.

I love the way I felt in my heart at the first social-distanced hangout I was part of.

I love the simple joy of having a picnic at a park with my littles.

I am thankful for the opportunity many have to be free of the commuting aspect of a work day.

I love that everyone now has more meaningful banter – not simply having sports or entertainment be the focus of small talk.

I am thankful that more deep thinkers may have been formed.

I love that people have a change of heart in terms of how to actually do their life.


I love that some things will not go back to being how they were.

I hate that some things will never go back to how they were.

I love that I feel more alive, very thankful for the ability to just…breathe.

I love that many people seem more grateful as a way of life.

I love that I have actual destinations to go to now, and appointments to keep.

I love that God has been present and helpful in the fight against both fear and the virus.

I love that healthcare workers are dedicated.


I love that I am connected to many across the globe through this horrible crisis. I have been able to encouraged and be encouraged in this time by friends living faaar from me yet enduring more or less the same.

I love that I have more time to have meaningful conversations.

And you know what? Above all,

I love that we are all about to enter into our Spring season. Life will begin again…differently.


©2020, WriTEswAY

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