Day whatever of being locked in with this coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure that you, like many others, have gone through various emotional/psychological stages of being. Maybe you’ve finally accepted the state of things, or are still wrestling with feelings of being stuck. All very real experiences. All I’ve gone through or sometimes still am.


I’ve felt myself wondering the following though: who am I becoming out of all of this? Who are we? This crisis will not last forever, and indeed is likely going to be over quicker than you and I can picture. Are you aware of that? At its end, this period would have been a blip in your lifetime. It was a pivotal time of reset, of permanent change in every human being – in how we operate, love, work, play, shop, etc. So, back to the initial question: who are you becoming? Are you becoming a brighter person? More resourceful? More weary? Bored? Irritable? Bitter?


It’s a vital question. To me, the essence of disruption is to lead us to higher and better versions of ourselves. If not, what was the point of the disruption? Why should you or I waste any life opportunity? This period might turn out to be a time of greater creativity as we look around seeking to meet the “new” needs that have arisen out of the pandemic. By asking a simple question like “how can I best serve people right now?”, we may arrive at the feet of the next bunch of great discoveries and inventions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pivotal discoveries in human history were born out of necessity and difficulty. Hmm. That might be a great research study to do. Anyway, so why not now? Why couldn’t something great for our time come out of you or me? What if, as is said in the Bible, you and I were actually born “for such a time as this”?


What if? What if you knew this to be a fact? What would you do about it? How would your everyday be different?


I’m hoping to inspire you, to jolt you out of sadness or grief at what seems to have been lost of our lives, and to get you to instead consider what there is to be gained by that loss.


As Fraulein Maria said in the movie Sound of Music: “When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.” Interesting perspective. And my friend, lenses and mindsets do happen to make a world of difference.


So consider this, what I’ve shared above. Consider it well.

Stay safe and healthy!


©2020, WriTEswAY



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