I had an interesting week. Earlier in it, I was listening to a live feed of someone I admire. He got to a point when he started speaking about what an idol would look like nowadays. Basically, when we think of the word “idol”, we picture some primitive people of the past (or the present – in some remote locales) bowing to some image of their creation, don’t we? Except, problem is, idol worship hasn’t ceased. It no longer looks like that, especially to us in the West. The speaker explained that an idol now would be whatever consumes much of our… ok, let me just put it the way he shared it. He asked us a question: “What do you love the most?” He then added: “Better yet, what do you think about the most?” He had us consider what thing in our lives compels us to give our time or our priorities to it.


Look. You.don’t.even.know. This was the realest stuff I was hearing. I found myself thinking hard. Thinking deep. I couldn’t immediately come up with some answer, but perhaps that was a good thing. This wasn’t to be a fleeting discussion. It was meant to force me to consider, to reconsider, and to perhaps end up with a complete lifestyle change. Incredible.


So, I thought I’d dish it out to y’all as well! Especially with this being Thanksgiving week. This is the week we’re supposed to actually practice thankfulness. Perfect timing. So, ask yourself the above questions, and if your answers are questionable, if your priorities are going toward something that’s dishonorable, you know what needs fixing. Or, if your priorities are headed more toward something that is certainly good, but not the excellent thing, get fixing as well. Many people’s answers will be more toward the second of these two options. And that’s the issue in life isn’t it? The tyranny of the urgent is a real thing. There are soooo many good things to do, but they’re not necessarily the thing we need to be doing in that exact moment.


I’ve gotten to a point in my life, and in my walk, when I’ve chosen to whittle down all the busy work, prune myself down to the most important things I know I am called to do. That is, the things that are connected to my destiny (as defined by my Maker, and re: how I am wired). If I’m busy with those (few, or however many) things, then I’m good. Everyone else may be saving the planet, feeding tonnes of homeless people, or involved in other fantastically awesome things – and that’s just wonderful! – but if it’s not what I MUST focus on, then I praise them for what they’re doing and I move on. I have begun to learn the importance of focus. Focus kills the “overwhelm” bug. Now of course, you, my brilliant reader, know that I’m in no way denigrating the acts of feeding the homeless or saving the planet. You understand when I’m trying to make an overall point.

homing pigeon

Which is this: discover your purpose, then home in. If unsure of your purpose, turn upwards. He’s got the answer and will start pointing you to it. When He does, with all the power vested in you, my dear reader, FOCUS.


Do JUST THAT THING. And you will…soar.


Happy Thanksgiving, eagles!



©2018, WriTEswAY



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